The Owners

The Owners

Double D’s Cheesecake was founded in 1998 by two sisters, Darlene Landino and Dale Chenier, hence the name, “Double D’s.” In October of 2018, the “Song Family” took over the business. Since then, the owners Inho (aka Larry) (father) and Angela (daughter) Song have been working tirelessly to continue supplying Winnipeg with delicious, home-style cheesecakes.

Double D’s Cheesecake started with Darlene, and the story goes all the way back to 1998 when Darlene used to own a restaurant in Portage La Prairie, where she made cheesecakes from an old family recipe. After she won first place for a dessert contest, her restaurant became the place to go for cheesecake. Eventually, she sold the restaurant and moved back to Winnipeg. She needed to find a job, but all she knew was the restaurant business. She decided to sell her cheesecake to local restaurants and golf courses. Darlene asked her sister Dale to join her, and voila, Double D’s Cheesecake was born. In July of 2001, they opened their retail store and baking location on St. Anne’s Road. This marked the first time their product was available to the public. After 5 1/2 years, they outgrew their St. Anne’s Road location, and in November of 2006, they moved once more to the current location on Meadowood Drive in St. Vital.

Thanks to Darlene and Dale’s hard work, the current owners Inho and Angela had a smooth transition when they took over the business in 2018. Thanks to Darlene’s recipe book as well as her efforts in establishing good reputation and customer base, Angela and Inho were able to maintain consistent quality for their cheesecakes and baked goods. They have kept the same menu; it features 35+ flavours of no-bake cheesecake that are available in individual three-inch mini cheesecakes and nine-inch variety packs or single flavour cakes.

Angela fell in love with Double D’s creamy, no-bake cheesecake after discovering the bakery years before they bought the business. It happened that Double D’s came on the market when Inho and Angela were looking for a business opportunity. Without hesitation, they decided to take over Double D’s because they have always loved and bought Double D’s Cheesecakes on a regular basis!

One interesting fact about the Songs is that they moved from their original home in South Korea, to Romania, Russia, and Vietnam before they immigrated to Canada. They had zero knowledge of running a bakery. In fact, Angela has a psychology degree from the University of Manitoba and Inho was employed in international relations for a multi-national company which explains their global nomadic lifestyle. However, despite having zero experience in running a bakery, their global nomadic lifestyle – lived in 5 countries and traveled to approximately 35+ countries – allowed them to try lots of delicious food from all around the globe which affected their decision in choosing a business. Angela was the first to move to Canada in 2006 to attend an English boarding school in Quebec, while her parents and brothers moved to Winnipeg 5-6 years later.

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Everything at Double D’s Cheesecake is made from scratch, from the cheesecake to the caramel cinnamon buns, muffins, and cookies. The coffee is locally roasted, and the espresso is ground fresh. Even the crust is homemade – we buy the crumbs dry and add our own spices and seasoning before adding vegetable oil. We also offer drinks such as latte, cappuccino, Italian soda, and smoothies that are made with real fruit, yoghurt, and apple juice.

Double D’s remains committed to supplying Manitoba with light and creamy cheesecakes for many more years to come. Fast becoming a new Winnipeg tradition, Double D’s Cheesecake is happy to be a part of so many family celebrations. The coffee shop is a great place to meet friends, study, relax after a busy day at work or the shopping mall right across the street, or to enjoy dessert after dinner or movie.

From our family to yours, remember:

Life is uncertain, Eat cheesecake first!”